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Our Vision

Integrating sustainability into business practices in sub-saharan Africa.

Our Drive

Try as hard as possible! Failing is not an option. Through collaboration, training and team effort we will always contribute to the world efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.

Who We Are

We are a group of young Africans trained in Africa, Europe and North America, sharing the vision of Africa developing sustainably through local initiatives and efforts on one hand and through international and local collaboration on the other hand

Welcome To S2

At S2, we are committed to help achieve all SDGs

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is today more than a requirement for environmental social purposes; It is also an important project sustainability tool for the top management.
Once key production factors like energy, water, raw materials among others are managed by all, CSR is left to be the game changer in the fight for competitiveness… Contact us for a DIAGNOSIS.
S2 is authorised to conduct hazard assessments for classified industrial activities, as well as filing licensing applications for industrial projects in Cameroon.
Sustainable development
Demystifying the concept of “Sustainability” is essential for it to happen. Most of us are active in supporting the UN SDGs; knowing that is the first step to do even more. S2 is your partner to get to the next stage.
Climate Change
S2 Top management combines over 30 years of experience in Climate Change and Low Emission Development, therefore your right partners for project activities in that field.
Training and Consulting
Continuous improvement requires continuous learning. Training and Capacity building is vital for S2 as exchanges with participants is a learning process as well for us. We identify together your needs and find together the best fit in terms of method and contents.


Please have a look at some of the projects S2 has worked on in the past years…

International and local organizations trust S2… Let us know about your needs and you will be happily surprised.

Our Clients